Window to Baikal Derevenka Family Hotel on the Lake Baikal
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Travel companies and clubs
BaikalTek - diving at Baikal. Exclusive programs of diving at Baikal, combined with excellent time-spending. Our specialists works in diving industry on lake Baikal for more then 20 years. During that time we made our own rating of the hotels, cruise boats, tourist routs and excursions that are more attractive and leave only positive impressions.
Baikal Expedition Corpus was created in 2008 by cooperation of local experienced guides, who have their own material resources. We are not agents we are those who offer and perform services ourselves.We own Dog-sledding center the biggest dog center on Far-East of Russia. We own snowmobiles, four-wheelers, canoes, trimaran, equipment for corporate events. This allows us ourselves to organize various adventurous memorable tours for you.
Baikal Sledding Center - is the regional public organization, which is developing up sledding in the Baikal region. The Center is located in Listvjanka. For tourists the Center provides the following services: driving on dog sledges, rounds on dog sledges and snowmobiles, skijoring (towage of the skier by dogs), tracking with a dog on wood road, excursion in the Center.
Travel agency "Baikal - EuroTour " (Angarsk, Irkutsk region) The agency already is more than 10 years specializes on the o rganization of rest in Pribaikalye. For these years the wide experience is saved up, have developed steady business ties with bases of rest, automobile transport agencies, owners of water and air courts. If you address in agency, to you will help to orient with all variety of possible variants of rest and organize round which will correspond as much as possible to your inquiries.
Information resources on tourism and accomodation
Visitor information center "Baikalinfo". It's the only center in Irkutsk, which provides free information for everybody who wants to spend vocations in Baikal region. One of the purposes of the project is quick and simple access to information. Server. This source combines all the information on hotels which is constantly updated and added to. You will be able to choose the hotel and make a booking, given the access to Internet and e-mail.
PhotoStranger - travel pages. The world of travel in photos. Travelling sketches, photo galleries across Russia and other countries of the world, the catalogue of useful references, a forum, sale of photos.
Regional Internets Catalogues
BABR.RU - The Siberian regional information centre. Portal BABR.RU is public mass media information. It presents the news, the information on Irkutsk, Internets projects, of Irkutsk sites catalogue.
Internet sources catalogue in Siberia. The service on information sources in Siberia and the Far East, accessible in Internet.
Ratings and general information catalogues
Industrial rating Rambler's Top100. Legendary rating classifier of sources of Russian Internet. T100 makes the Internet in Russia user friendly and easy to understand for both users and owners of sources. TopList is a popular rating and system of statistics, which allows to trace the statistics of visitings both on own site and others sources.
SpyLog - Internet measurements. It provides up-to-date techniques of Internet statistics for marketing analysis, forecasting, decision making, statistical services for the private projects, useful and exciting information for homepages as well as real assistance in noncommercial projects development.
Catalog Refer.Ru has been started in operation in December, 2000. The catalogue is the qualifier of webs-resources, covering mainly the CIS and the Russian part of the Internet. Refer.Ru uses distinct from standard, more detailed and original method of registration of a site in to structure of the qualifier. As the Catalogue has universal, the hierarchical structure a allowing most precisely to classify resources in a database of a server into them thematic orientation.
Catalog Catalog of Russian sites.