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Meeting with Newborn Seal

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March 31, 2007

At the end of March, 2007 our guests from Germany made snowmobile tour on the Baikal ice. The rare success has dropped out: they have met with newborn Baikal nerpa which age did not exceed one month.

The information

The Baikal nerpa (seal) is the only thing mammal at Baikal, one of three fresh-water seals living in the world. It is Baikal endemic and it does not meet anywhere.

The most part of nerpa children appears in the middle of March. They are born in a snow den. During the first period while they are fed with milk of mother, they do not dive in water and prefer to lay in a den. Usually the nerpa gives rise to one, is rare - two childrens. Weight of newborn children is up to 4 kg. Children have fur of white color - the guarding painting which allows them to remain in the first weeks of a life almost imperceptible on a snow. With transition to an independent feed by a fish children of nerpa fade, the fur gradually changes color on silver-gray at 2 - 3-month's, and then and on dark-brown - at more senior and adult individuals.

The nerpa is very cautious and timid animal. Usually he does not admit the person closer, than on 300 - 400 meters. To see the seal in wildlife is a rare success.