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Ice Town in Listvjanka

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December 16, 2006

On December, 16, 2006 in Listvjanka solemn opening a New Year's small town has taken place. The small town includes the Christmas fur-tree, ice copies of the Cathedral of Vasily Blessed and Spasskaya tower of the Moscow Kremlin, an original ice hill.

The small town is located on the square before pier.

Copies of the Cathedral of Vasily Blessed and Spasskaya tower of the Moscow Kremlin were created from ice by the sculptor Sergey Zinner (Angarsk, Irkutsk region). Height of a cathedral - six meters. Cathedral of Vasily Blessed, as well as the original, has nine domes. According to the sculptor, precisely to repeat a decor of each "bulb" of a cathedral it was not possible: ice well, when it is cut at low temperatures, but near to even not frozen Baikal it melts.

"Fine details of a decor are possible for cutting out only at stable minus temperatures, on coast fine ornaments appear are short-lived: the constant damp wind smoothes them ", - S.Zinner has told.

Also the sculptor has constructed of the Baikal ice the Kremlin wall with towers at corners. The copy of the most well-known Kremlin tower - Spasskaya - is higher than seven meters. At its top the star is established and it is surrounded with four dials of the main chiming clock of the country. The ice pointers cut out by the sculptor have stood on " without five minutes midnight ".