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Race on ice floes

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April 03, 2006

Race on ice floes have taken place on April, 1, 2006 in a source of the river Angara. This action has been devoted to Day of the fool and finished the project Baikal Meridian-105, taking place in frameworks of Zimniada-2006 festival. Two teams - Baikal Meridian-105 (the captain - Konstantin Mamadzhanov) and Baikal Penguins (the captain - Alexey Sadovsky) competed.

Two teams - Baikal Meridian-105 (the captain - Konstantin Mamadzhanov) and Baikal Penguins (the captain - Alexey Sadovsky) competed. One team had an ice floe of the quadrangular form, and another - triangular. Participants of section of mountaineering of Irkutsk state university have gone to navigation on Alexey Sadovsky ice floe. Konstantin Mamadzhanov's ice ship was accepted two radio operators of the Irkutsk regional radio club, known dog sledge driver Oleg Tjurjumin, the employee of the company Grand-Baikal, the representative of a Zimniada staff Natalia Kuzminich. Dogs have taken part in races too. In a team Baikal Meridian-105 was four dogs. They should know that such travel on ice. May be sometime the destiny will desert them to Arctic regions. On both ice floes there were also journalists.

Time of start. A bottle of champagne break about an ice floe. And at once rivalry, more likely, for fun, than seriously begins. The result does not depend almost on actions of participants. Sails are not present. Motors at these "ships" are not present too. But to come the first it would be desirable. The diver from Baikal Penguin team periodically pushes a drifting ice floe. The others encourage.

The amateur radio station with signal RK0SWA/p worked directly on an ice floe. During drift radio operators managed to establish about 140 radio communications with Japan, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Sweden, Ukraine, Baltic, cities of Russia.

Alexey Sadovnikov team has finished race of the first. However because of miscalculations in control, the ice floe has drifted ashore hardly before a place of finish. Konstantin Mamadzhanov ship "was accurately entered" in finish. Therefore was accepted decision to award the first place to "Baikal Meridian-105". Winners have received passing flag of "Ice race" and yellow a vest of leaders. The second team have received similar a vest, but white color. The press a joint decision has awarded a prize of spectator sympathies to diver Alexey Ponomarev "For a gallant kind". Exclusive cowards of the polar explorer on fur have been handed him too. In solemn conditions the certificate on the right of operation "ships of natural origin" has been handed to Konstantin Mamadzhanov.