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Our Guest Andrey Makarevich

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August 04, 2009

On July, 30 to Irkutsk the known rock musician, the TV showman and diver Andrey Makarevich has flied. With concerts and to rest. Earlier he was known as the permanent leader of Machine of Time group, and in 2002 has organized the project The Orchestra of a Creole Tango - has collected musicians from different groups: Machines of Time, Quarter, Paporotnick, Big Bend of Igor Butman and others.

In such company Andrey Makarevich comes to Irkutsk not for the first time. But this time - the new program. On July, 30 the musician together with the Orchestra of a Creole Tango has given a concert in Irkutsk at theatre of the young spectator, and on July, 31 - in Angarsk in a recreation center Sovremennik.

After completion of concert program the national actor of Russia has gone to Baikal where lived some days. He is the inveterate diver and he was repeatedly immersed with an aqualung. On August, 3 in Listvjanka the musician has plunged on a bottom of lake onboard deep-water bathyscaphe Mir.

Mir bathyscaphe is my old dream. So has coincided, as they here, and I here. And to miss such opportunity simply it is impossible. And then we shall go on a boat to reserve, on the other coast of Baikal, too for the first time. I many years was going to visit there. At last it was possible. Here such vacancy at me turns out this

- Immersing has passed in a state mode, all was simple extremely, - has told Makarevich.

The musician was immersed in the companies two more person: the pilot, the hero of Russia Eugeny Chernjaev and professor Irkutsk State University Michael Shchadov on depth of 1371 meter. During immersing the bathyscaphe Mir-2 has taken tests of water, samples of a ground and were brought on a surface with some stones. Makarevich has found at the bottom of Baikal a part of fishing tackle which has been lifted on a surface too.

After immersing Andrey has given a concert for employees of Mir at Baikal expedition.

It is not a true concert, it is more likely improvisation. I more than ten years do not act one with a guitar, and basically I work or with Machine of Time group,or with an Orchestra of the Creole Tango, - have told Makarevich, anticipating the beginning of a concert.

- I shall not sing all songs, known to you. So Turn song do not ask. I shall sing that approaches under a guitar, - has told Makarevich. After that he has executed some songs which were in repertoir of Machine of Time group earlier.

We are glad that Andrey has chosen for our Derevenka for accomodation and have taken advantage of an opportunity to embody this event.