The interactive map of Listvjanka settlement (Irkutsk region)
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You can pass from map to other pages of an our hotel site.

To do it select main menu item Exit (by left mouse button clicking on it) and then select in pop-up menu desired page.

The last item of pop-up menu Russian map directs to Russian version of the same map.

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When page is dowloading the size of a map is automatically selected depending on your screen resolution (to fit map on the screen).

You can choose and download a map of another size. To do it select Map size item from main menu by clicking of left mouse button on it. Popup menu with list of accessible map sizes will be displayed on screen (currently used size is marked by * symbol). Select desired size in it.

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Object shown on map are separated on layers by its type

By default objects from all layers are visible. You can turn on and turn off visibility of each layer by Map layers item of main menu. Select this item by clicking of left mouse button on it. The popup menu with list of layers will be displayed, where visible layers are marked by * . Selection of layer from the popup menu (by clicking of left mouse button on it) inverts layer visibility.


Region of the map where all objects are visible The same region where transport objects only are visible
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You can get info about objects shown on map. To do it you must select object first. You can select object by:

  1. Using main menu (to select of menu item click by left mouse button on it). Please select Object search item in main menu. The popup menu with list of map layers will be displayed. Select layer (for example Hotels, recreation centers, then select desired object in popup menu of objects (for example, Derevenka (Small Village)).
  2. Clicking by left mouse button on icon which designnates object on map.

When object is selected the popup info window is displayed. The window contains brief description of object and its small photo (icon).

If the magnifying glass image is located over an icon, you can see enlarged (800x600 pixels) the object photo. For this purpose it is necessary to left-click on an icon.

To cancel selection:

  1. Click by left mouse button on info popup window
  2. Select another object
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Living quarters
Individual structures
Railway, station
Former railway
Roads with a solid covering
Off-roads and forest roads
Rope road
Relief contour lines (marked every 50 m), height marks
Depth contour lines and their insciptions
Rivers and streams
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Hotels, recreation centers
Recreation centers
Bus station, bus stops
Boat piers
Railway station
Ferry piers
Landmarks, leisure
The Picture Gallery
Bard Song Theater
Retro park
Seal's zoo
Nature landmarks
Active way of leisure
Mountain skiing lift
Mountain skiing track, extrim park
Centre of dog riding sport
Shops, bars, cafes, service
Cafes, bars
Souvenir shops
Food shops
Drugstore, ambulance station
Hairdressing salon
Communication, information, administration, banks
Post office
Information Centre
Organization of excursions and travel