Window to Baikal Derevenka Family Hotel on the Lake Baikal
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Our hotel is located in the settlement called Listvjanka (Irkutsk region) on the bank of the lake Baikal not far from the place where the Angara River originates. It is a good place for tourists with a lot of natural, historical and artistic places of interest.

The map given on this page reflects only a few objects. For more details see page Listvjanka interactive map which gives full presentation about all kinds of services and leisure (total size of a map about 400 Kb).

1 The Derevenka Hotel The Derevenka Hotel is located 70 m from the lake. Just in front of the hotel there is a bus stop Krestovka for the regular bus transportation between Listvjanka and Irkutsk.
2 The Church of St. Nickolas. Local merchant K.Serebriakov to commemorate his miraculous rescue while crossing Baikal built the church. The construction was completed in 1846 after his death. Originally the church was located on the Angara River, but then it was moved to the bank of Baikal in 1957 in connection with the construction of Hydro Power Station. The icons of the church belong to the middle of 17th century. The services are carried out on Sundays and Russian Orthodox festivals.
3 Baikal museum of Irkutsk Scientific Center (Siberian branch of Russian Academy of Science). The museum is unique because it is only display where you can see the history of studying the lake, its flora and fauna. You will see the aquarium with fauna of Baikal such fish as omuls, graylings, sturgeons and other fish as well as seals.
4 Seal's zoo has tamed Baikal seals. You will see these friendly and clever creatures very close to you at a distance of a stretched hand. Though the performance lasts 15 minutes, you will remember it for a long time.
5 The Picture Gallery was founded by V. Plamenevsky, a poet and a architect, housing the works of artists from different cities of Russia. It also contains production of the local handicraft for sale.
6 Peak of Chersky. The height is 755 m. You can climb it along a concrete path of 2200 m long or with the help of rope road. A mountain skiing track was launched in 2005.
7 Pier Listvjanka. The settlement is linked with Irkutsk and the ports on Baikal by regular boat transportation. The fleet includes Voskhod and Barguzin speedy ships. Listvjanka Pier is the base for smaller boats, which are used for tourists. Also, the pier is destination for all buses and mini buses from Irkutsk. There is one more exotic attraction - the market near by the pier full of local specialties such as Baikal fish, cedar nuts and local handicraft.
8 Railway station Baikal is gate to the unique engineering design - Round-Baikal Railroad. It is the former part of the Trans-Siberian railway, which lost its transportation meaning when Irkutsk artificial sea had appeared. Despite this the railway did not lose its historical meaning as engineering masterpiece. Because of this it is often called "handicraft of railroad". The railway station is linked with Listvjanka by a ferry.

The Taltsy Museum of Ethnographical Architecture under the open sky should be also mentioned as one of attractions in the area (it is not shown on the map). It is located 47 kms from Irkutsk and 20 kms from Listvjanka on Baikal road. The museum exhibits the settlements of the peoples populated the area around Baikal and if you want to know more of their culture it is worth visiting.

The pictures of most of the objects we have told about it can be seen on our site in Photos page.

Listvjanka Map