Window to Baikal Derevenka Family Hotel on the Lake Baikal
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Diving in Baikal

We invite to our hotel the divers, wishing to make immersings to Baikal.

Five-star diving you would usually think about some tropical sea, big white whips, tanned ship crew, colorful underwater world and a lot of creaturesÅ Have you seen all of that already? Your soul is looking for wilderness and beauty of cold waters? You are looking for extreme and you want your friends to envy, when youÒre telling about your trip? And you want your trip be simply super. Experienced instructors. So that there is something to see underwater. And accommodation on the highest level.

We have it all at Baikal! We have the most complete map of dive sites of Baikal, un-standard way of organizing dive-trips, original approaches. Come, Dive, Tell your friends! Especially for those who value UNSTANDARD DIVING we offer exclusive programs of diving at Baikal, combined with excellent time-spending on the highest level.

Baikal is an ideal place for any kinds of immersings. Here there is all - depth, transparent water, currents, vertical walls, banks, canyons, siphons, underwater mountains, ice, fauna, etc. The most part of lake is not investigated at all.

The organization of immersings

BaikalTek Club Immersings for our guest are managed by skilled instructors of Irkutsk dive center Baikal Tek ( Center specialists works in diving industry on lake Baikal for more then 20 years. During that time Baikal Tek center made our own rating of the hotels, cruise boats, tourist routs and excursions that are more attractive and leave only positive impressions.

Baikal Tek center have own top-catalogue of Baikal dive sites. We were the first who made special research of the Baikal bottom in order to make dive site maps. Baikal Tek has the fullest catalogue of the best dive sites of Lake Baikal. We know where to go to dive for underwater photography, where are the best places for tech dives, and to find fish schools.

Dive center BaikalTek has dive boats of different passenger capacity. Every boat has dive deck designed for comfortable entrance to the water and equipped with dive ladders to come out. On the boats there are dining rooms, bath rooms, hot water, and sauna.

The dive center uses only high quality equipment. The rent equipment is regularly renewed. We have dry suites, cold water regulators, BCs of both styles wing and jacket and all necessary gear for diving in Lake Baikal including warm underwear. We use tanks of 12 and 15 liters with double valves.

The center have three compressor stations. Three teams can dive on different dive sites of Baikal at one time. Everything you wish, daily shore diving, boat dive safaris, daily diving on remote dive sites where we can go by car or by speed boats.

Daily diving

There is open water at Baikal at any season:

  • January - Dives into open water at the beginning of Angara river in Listvyanka, port Baikal. Depths are from 3 to 45 meters.
  • February-March - Dives into open water at the beginning of Angara river, under ice diving in Listvyanka, Bolshie Koty, and Round Baikal Railway.
  • April – mid-Maí - Dives into open water at the beginning of Angara river.
  • Mid-May - December - Dives at Listvyanka, port Baikal, Bolshie Koty, and Round Baikal Railway.

Diving condiitons. Water temperature +3+8oC; visibility – 10-45 meters; current – very rare, very light; depths - 3 to 40 meters; dive time up 40 45 minutes; number of dives: summer – up to 3 dives, winter,fall – 1 or 2 dives depending on the weather; services of guiding instructor advised equipment – double 7 millimeter or dry suit; winter regulator.

Ice diving

Diving conditions: Water temperature is 0.5-1oC. Visibility highly depends on snow on the ice. If there is no snow when from depth of 40 meters you can see cars and people on ice. If you look at the ice from the top, ice looks black, due to the depth. You can see divers through ice. Beginning in the middle of March visibility drops down to 10 meters. Depths vary from 3 to 30 meters. Dive tie is 45 minutes. There can be one or two dives a day depending on weather conditions. Advised equipment includes dry suit, dry gloves, and two winter regulators.

It is the brief list of services provided by Balkal Tek. Please visit to dive center site for more details.

Derevenka service for divers
Our hotel provides additional service for divers (in updating to standart service for all guests)
  • transfer between Irkutsk aeroport or railway station, øncluding transportation of your equipment for diving (åhe hotel has the car of a pickup type);
  • delivery to the car up to places of immersing or the rented ship;
  • granting of a special room for drying of suits and the equipment;
  • preparing and maintenance ice-hole for ice diving.
Diving Photos