Window to Baikal Derevenka Family Hotel on the Lake Baikal
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Accommodation Conditions

Descriptions and 3D models of the objects located in Derevenka are presented. Using these models, you can receive more detailed representation about conditions of residing in our hotel. The left image corresponds to external appearance of object, and the right image to interior (without one or two external walls).

To view models you can use the following control buttons:

rotate of model clockwise; rotate of model counter-clockwise;
turn on automatic animation mode with step of 3 seconds; turn off automatic animation mode;
view of the increased image (it opens in a new window).

The grey buttons are inaccessible.

The cottage for guests
All cottages for guests are equipped by:
  • beds for one person;
  • floor warmed by an electric power;
  • washstand with a waterpipe and warm water;
  • warm toilet.
External appearance   Interior
The main cottage

The dining room, kitchen and a banya (bath) are located in the main cottage.

There is nice view to Baikal from a window of a dining room (the size of a window is 280x90 sm). Here you can communicate to owners and visitors of Derevenka, to watch TV and DVD-films. The wooden furniture is made manually in traditional Russian style.

The banya contains a steam room, shower room and a waiting room. It is located under a dining room in a ground floor (an entrance to banya is to the left of a porch). Walls in a steam room are covered by the long-term dried up Siberian cedar to create in the heated bath completely special aroma.

In a cold season the cottage is warmed with the help of the furnace located in the banya. Hot air passes on a pipe in the center of a dining room.

External appearance

The dining room

The banya (bath)

Summer shower cabin

The shower cabin for warm season is equipped in territory of hotel. Having warmed up waters it is carried out with the help of an adjustable electric heater. Using of shower is free-of-charge. At cold weather you can take a shower in a bath.

External appearance   Interior