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Grayling fishing "under the screw"
Video clip about grayling fishing (4:18, 27 MGb)

Grayling fishing "from under the screw" is a way of fishing, which is specific to Lake Baikal.

The fishermen go to fishing on the boat capable to approach the shore at shallow depths. The boat rests to shoreline. Boat motor began to work at low speeds. The flow of water created by the propeller washes out from under the stones grayling feeds (small insect? larvae, etc.). The fish are collected and fed closer to the screw jet.

Fishing is conducted during daylight hours. Best time of fishing is morning or evening. For fishing rods used spining equipped with inertial reels, a massive float, artificial flies and sinker. Fishermen are located at the boat stern. Bait is lowered into the stream created by the propellers to a depth from 3 to 5 meters. Float with bait, moves in a stream produced by a screw. Sometimes Grayling begins to take it in the immediate vicinity of the boat, sometimes - at a distance of 20-30 meters from boat. The bite can be seen by the behavior of the float.

We present a small video clip on the current page. It was filmed on September 19-20, 2008, at the Small Sea (part of the Lake Baikal between the Olkhon island and the west coast). Although the Small Sea is located far enough from Listvjanka, the video clip illustrates the process and technique of fishing. We present video clip without any announcer commentary.

The proposed method of fishing does not require special skills from the participants. There are no restrictions on age or physical ability. However the way of fishing is one of the most effective and productive at Lake Baikal.

The sizes of boats allow to participate in fishing no more than 3-4 person simultaneously. But the boat can take a group of up to 12 people. At this case fishing is conducted in shifts.

Since the boat is near shore, at the end of fishing can make a fire and cook smoked fish. It is possible to cook fish soup at the boat. Boats are equipped with all comforts for passengers: a galley, toilet, cabins and tent at the stern.


The price of fishing for up to 12 people is not less than 8000 rubles (depending on the type of rental boats). Rent of fishing tool - 500 roubles per one tool.

The price includes:

  • rent of car (delivery from the hotel to Listvjanka pier)
  • rent of the boat
  • payment for the instructor accompanying group
  • rent of fishing tools.
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