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╬utdoor Activities


Baikal is rich with a fish. ┼he following kinds of fishes live in it: omul, grayling, whitefish, sturgeon, pike, perch, golomyanka, etc. However, fishing on Lake Baikal has own specifics. The nature of Lake Baikal is very diverse, and the ways of fishing, which provide a good catch in one part, may be completely useless in another one.

Listvjanka is located on the southwestern shore of Lake Baikal. This area of Lake Baikal is characterized by great depth, which begin in the immediate vicinity of the coast. As a consequence, the water temperature usually does not exceed 10-12oC even in the hottest months.

We offer for our guests ´rayling fishing "under the screw".

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We invite to our hotel the divers, wishing to make immersings to Baikal.

Baikal is an ideal place for any kinds of immersings. Here there is all - depth, transparent water, currents, vertical walls, banks, canyons, siphons, underwater mountains, ice, fauna, etc. The most part of lake is not investigated at all.

mmersings for our guest are managed by skilled instructors of Irkutsk dive center Baikal Tek ( Center specialists works in diving industry on lake Baikal for more then 20 years. During that time Baikal Tek center made our own rating of the hotels, cruise boats, tourist routs and excursions that are more attractive and leave only positive impressions.

See Diving page for more details.

Car tours

There is no road that would take place directly along the western coast of Baikal. Routes of tours pass on the roads of good quality, but these roads are at some distance from Lake Baikal. You can learn more about diverse nature of the Baikal region, with its taiga, steppes, mountains, valleys and hills.

Excursion to the Small Sea - strait, which separates the largest island of Baikal Olkhon and indigenous coast.

Excursion to Tunkinskaya valley, lying between the Eastern Sayan mountains and Khamar-Daman ridge.

The excursions are designed for 2 days: departure from Listvjanka, overnight at the endpoint of the route (on the Small Sea or Tunkinskaya valley) and return to Listvjanka at the next day. Routes length: 300-350 km to one way.

You also can take part in an one-day Photo Safari. The route provides movement on forest roads on specially prepared jeeps. Ultimate goal of a route is the nursery of wild Siberian animals located in a deep taiga.

Walks and tours on boats

Walks and tours are conducted at the powerboat of Yaroslavets project. Boats are equipped by navigation system and communications facilities. There are cabins for passengers, cabin on the upper deck (which houses the team), a separate galley with gas stove and toilet. Boats speed is 15-18 km / hour. Low sediment allows to stick to the shore, not equipped by pier.

It is possible to organize day trips and multi-day tours with overnight stays in cabins on boat board.

For more information about the terms of boats lease and prices please contact us use the addresses and phone numbers listed at Contacts page.


Two popular trekking rutes along the coast of Lake Baikaln start at Listvjanka.

The first route runs along the Great Baikal Trail. The trail starts in Listvyanka and goes in a northeasterly direction to the Bolshie Koty village. The trail is provided by information signs and special parking for the night.

The second route goes along the track of Circum-Baikal railway. Start the route at the Port Baikal, which is located on the opposite bank of the Angara river. Listvyanka and Port Baikal are connected by ferry.

If you prefer to hike with their own tent, you can stop for the night in our camping. Our partners - experienced instructors of Baikal dogs sledding centre - can help you to organize your trip.

Trips on Four Wheelers

Four Wheelers are a reliable and convenient means of transportation on the impassability. Four Wheelers are very simple to operate and are capable of overcoming the obstacles that are not under the force of any car, even an jeep.

Travel in the Listvjanka vicinity pass through taiga roads and trails to difficult terrain. Here, steep climbs on hills and slopes in gully, which are often swamped, alternate each other. In such circumstances, the benefits of Four Wheelers in front of other vehicles are particularly bright.

Four Wheelers trips are organized by our partners from the Baikal Expedition Corpus. They are experienced and have own material base. For more information about travel conditions and prices, please visit Baikal Expedition Corpus website.

Water trips in kayaks and trimaran

For fans of extreme leisure our partners from the Baikal dogs sledding centre offer water trips on Lake Baikal and the Angara River on an inflatable kayaks and trimaran.

Kayaks are light, inflatable boats, designed for 2 people. Trimaran is triple-hulled vessel, which has 3 pneumatic cylinders 6 meters length each at its base. They are connected with a metal carcass and it has a wooden deck. Carrying capacity of this vessel is 1.5 tons and deck surface is 15 square meters. It also has a sail, equipped with paddles and outboard engine with 15 horsepower. It can reach speed of 6-8 km/hour and with operating engine 20-25 km/hour. Such construction allows to land almost at any shore. Trimaran can take 6-8 people on its board.

For more information about conditions and prices of water tours please visit Baikal dogs sledding centre website.

Walks and tours on snowmobiles

We offer our guests snowmobile tours and walks in the taiga and on the Baikal ice. In recent years, snowmobiles become very popular in the Baikal region. Snowmobile is easy and safe to use and possess a high level of traffic and speed of movement. Snowmobile control does not require special skills from the driver. Any adult after a short briefing is able to drive a snowmobile and get a simple route yourself.

Movement along the route are only accompanied by an instructor who should be at the head snowmobile, determining speed limits and route of group. Snowmobile routes are possible both along the coast of Lake Baikal and the Baikal ice. Routes along the coast laid in the taiga gully where the terrain allows you to navigate a snowmobile. Movement on the ice of Lake Baikal near Listvyanka is possible only after the ice acquires sufficient strength (usually it occurs in late January - early February).

Please visit Baikal Expedition Corpus site for more details.

Dog sledding

Baikal Dog-sledding Center is located at Listvyanka. The Center was established in 2002, it is the only Siberian private sports-tourism center of sled dogs. Sled dogs are breed group of Alaskan Huskies and mestizo (a mixture with the Norwegian sled dog breed).

The Center offers a wide range of tourist services, including multi-day tours by dog sled along the coast and lake ice, ski-joring (towing a skier a dog), dog-trekking (hiking with a dog), excursions to the Center.

For more information, visit website of Baikal Dog-sledding Center.

Trips on Khivus hovercraft

Khivus is series of hovercraft. These boats are suitable the water and ice, are able to overcome the gullies, crevices and shallow, gently sloping coastal slopes, can move on shallow water, deep snow and swamps.

Khivus hovercrafts are an excellent means of transportation on Lake Baikal in the winter, starting with the freeze-up and down to the vanishing ice. Boats have a spacious lounge, which even in extreme cold is supported by a comfortable temperature. By installing a low noise propeller does not have to strain your vocal cords during excursions. The windows in the cabin are located around the perimeter, which gives an excellent overview and allows passengers to enjoy nature. It is possible to organize both short walks and multi-day tours to Lake Baikal.

For more information about the terms of boat slease and prices please contact us using the addresses and phone numbers listed on Contacts page or visit website of Vezdekhod Transport-tourist Company.

Alpine Skiing

Eastland Ski Centre is located at Listvjanka. It is equipped by a triple chairlift developed Doppelmaer Austrian company. The length of the ski lift - 700 meters. Height of highest point of the route above sea level - 725 meters, the lowest point - 560 m, elevation - 165 m.

There are four routes of varying difficulty with average length of 1200 meters. Season at the ski center spans from November to April thanks to equipment for artificial snow.

For more information, please visit the website Eastland Ski Complex.